As a teacher, I have been the instructor of record for Vanderbilt University three times: twice for the Vanderbilt Summer Academy and, currently, for the College of Arts and Sciences as the instructor of Campaigns & Elections. I enjoy creative approaches to teaching, especially hands-on activities that emphasize the science of political science and projects that help students to develop marketable thinking and writing skills.


Campaigns & Elections

Instructor of record
Fall 2018


I am currently the instructor of Campaigns & Elections (PSCI 3893), the department's inaugural edition of an omnibus, guided independent study that pairs class lecture and discussion with an immersive 2018-campaign internship experience. Selected topics: campaign organization and strategy; voter competence and participation; voter suppression; third parties; women in politics; gerrymandering; electoral reform.

Comparative Electoral Politics

Instructor of record
Summer 2016/2017


I designed and taught this course for the Vanderbilt Summer Academy (VSA). This course introduced students: 1) to the scientific exploration of political phenomena via entry-level causal inference; and, 2) to electoral systems, their effects, and their selection. Systems: pluralitarian; majoritarian; proportional; mixed. Selected topics: party system size; voter turnout; strategic voting; electoral reform. 

Teaching Assistantships: 

The American Presidency, for Dave Lewis, Fall 2017
Introduction to American Politics, for Bruce Oppenheimer, Spring 2017
Introduction to American Politics, for Suzanne Globetti, Fall 2016
Campaigns & Elections, for Suzanne Globetti, Spring 2016
Introduction to American Politics, for Bruce Oppenheimer, Fall 2015