As a teacher, I have been the instructor of record for Vanderbilt three times: twice for the Vanderbilt Summer Academy and once for the College of Arts and Sciences as the instructor of Campaigns & Elections. In 2017, the Dept. of Political Science named me the Erwin C. Hargrove Outstanding Teaching Assistant, an annual, competitive award that recognizes excellent graduate student contributions to teaching. In 2018, the College of Arts and Science named me the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant, across all 33 of its departments.

I enjoy creative approaches to teaching, especially hands-on activities that emphasize the science of political science and revise-and-resubmit projects that help students to develop marketable thinking and writing skills.


Campaigns & Elections

Instructor of record
Fall 2018


I was instructor of Campaigns & Elections (PSCI 3893), the department's inaugural edition of an omnibus, guided independent study that pairs class lecture and discussion with an immersive 2018-campaign internship experience and a revise-and-resubmit paper project. Selected topics: voter competence and participation; voter suppression;
third parties; gerrymandering; electoral reform.

Comparative Electoral Politics

Instructor of record
Summer 2016/2017


I designed and taught this course for the Vanderbilt Summer Academy (VSA). This course introduced students: 1) to the scientific exploration of political phenomena via entry-level causal inference; and, 2) to electoral systems, their effects, and their selection. Systems: pluralitarian; majoritarian; proportional; mixed. Selected topics: party system size; voter turnout; strategic voting; electoral reform. 

Teaching Assistantships: 

The Politics of Public Policy, for Prof. Alan Wiseman, Spring 2019
The American Presidency, for Prof. Dave Lewis, Fall 2017
Introduction to American Politics, for Prof. Bruce Oppenheimer, Spring 2017
Introduction to American Politics, for Prof. Suzanne Globetti, Fall 2016
Campaigns & Elections, for Prof. Suzanne Globetti, Spring 2016
Introduction to American Politics, for Prof. Bruce Oppenheimer, Fall 2015